35 years of experience. 1000+ projects
Who we are
Soiltech India Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) is a Drilling and Geotechnical engineering consulting firm with its registered office in Mumbai (India) and head office in Pune (India). Our services are strongly rooted in three core areas - Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mineral Exploration. Our technical expertise and experience of over 35 years in the industry has helped our Clients place reliable foundations to their business.

Founded in 1974 as Kulkarni & Associates, the firm underwent transformation and corporate restructuring in 2003, giving birth to “Soiltech India Pvt. Ltd”, retaining its root values - Integrity, Quality and Commitment while embracing a more structured, professional and progressive attitude.

What we do
SIPL provides consulting services and has completed over thousands of projects for commercial and municipal clients including architects, engineers, developers, owners, contractors, and state and local government agencies. We provide these services for the design of structural foundations, roadways, dams, embankments, retaining structures, and other major projects. SIPL also undertakes “Exploratory Drilling” to evaluate a mine’s mineral vein to see if it is economically feasible to extend the mine’s operation to a particular area.

Soiltech has completed a large number of monitoring wells for various purposes - like water level monitoring, sampling for contamination, flow analysis etc. Soiltech also carries out analytical testing, as per international standards, through associated labs for environmental investigations.

One of our primary services is to provide foundation recommendations to clients. SIPL has provided foundation recommendations for civil engineering projects to a variety of clients over the spectrum of development, retail, industry, manufacturing, and government service. SIPL has successfully completed hundreds of projects for private, public, legal, and regulatory interests.

Throughout our growth we have maintained the core philosophy of providing innovative and practical solutions to clients with integrity, quality, and personal attention. Every SIPL project team includes at least one of the firm’s principal Geologists and every project plan is characterized by a cost-effective, common sense approach to engineering.